Hi, my name is Lee Oscar, I am a freelance concept artist with experience on games, TV ads and films. I am currently based in Berlin where I work both remotely and on location for my clients. I am lucky to closely collaborate with passionate Art Directors, Production Designers, VFX supervisors and Producers on projects of which the visuals are ever evolving and always more demanding.

In order to meet this demand, my workflow includes Blender and Photoshop as well as traditional medias, with a process aimed at delivering high quality and quick turnaround sketches as well as finalized images. However, my main belief is that the tool doesn't define the outcome. A design solution can always be met!

Please reach out to me using the form below. Thanks for passing by!


  • Studio Babelsberg AG
  • Lionsgate
  • Agora VFX
  • Harbinger Pictures
  • Freestudios
  • Wooga
  • Chopard
  • La française des Jeux
  • Four J's
  • James Trogolo Company

Experience :

  • Freelance Concept Artist at Studio Babelsberg AG

  • Freelance Concept Artist at Biborg - Keyframes and architectural designs

  • Freelance Concept Artist at Agora VFX on a feature film production

  • Concept Artist at Wooga on the game June's Journey

  • Studio and Freelance Concept & Storyboard artist on TV ads

  • The Rookies : Finalist under Digital Illustration category

  • Industrial design diploma at FZD School of Design

  • VFX Bachelor's degree at LISAA Paris

  • Fine art & Design in Vincennes